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jLaBase Developer's Guide


  1. Introduction
    1. Project Requirements
    2. CVS Download Instructions
  2. About this document
  3. Related Documents
    1. Related Sites
    2. Development Documents
  4. General Specifications
    1. Concepts
      1. Preliminary Concepts
      2. Entities & Relations
      3. Environment Users
    2. Project Examples
      1. Personal Edition
      2. Store/Enterprise Edition
    3. Naming Conventions
      1. jLaBaseURL and the lbnet protocol
      2. Contexts
        1. Data Environment
        2. Data Server
    4. Database Specification
      1. Entity/Relation Model
        1. Database Diagram
        2. Entities
        3. Relations
      2. POJO Architecture
        1. Java Type Definitions
    5. Network Environment Specification
      1. The lbnet protocol
      2. jLaBase Servlets
    6. Graphical User Interface Specification
      1. View System
  5. Web Site Specification
    1. Web Site's Database
    2. Web Site Forms
    3. Web Graphical Design
  6. Subprojects Specifications
    1. jLaBase Library
    2. jLaBase Personal Edition
    3. jLaBase Store/Enterprise Edition

1.- Introduction

This section talks about this project and its porpousal, it has a complete list of hardware and software requirements and a specialized page to download the source code from the CVS server.

2.- About this Document

Here we can find a explanation about this document and what it covers.

3.- Related Documents

This is an index of documents and sites related with the development process of this project.

4.- General Specifications

In this section we will do the general analysis of the entire project splitting it in different modules.

5.- Subprojects Specifications

To reach all goals exposed above it is necesary to separate in different kind of modules according to the specifications outgoing from the concepts.

At this moment the separation is only conceptual: We have two end-solutions: Personal Edition and Store Edition, and a common library that should store the common API's used in those projects.

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