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jLaBase Products

Here are the planned products of the jLaBase Project. Each product has its own features and intended audience so we can do a difference between products to end-users and products to developers (middleware) so experienced users can use our basis to develop his own web application based on jLaBase.

jLaBase Personal Edition

With this edition we present a light-weight web application standalone application. With this edition home users can manage several databases inside its system a publish them via web.

jLaBase Enterprise Edition

This is a more complete edition which is suppoused to be used in enterprise and corporative associations. This edition is provided with lots of tools we can use to configure the database domain specifing which entities must be in a concrete server of the domain.


jLaBase takes use of many middleware tecnologies in its development process. We give to other developers the oportunity of improve the jLaBase Environment developing specialized middleware for the system.

jLaBase Framework

This is the skeleton of the environment. This framework defines different abstract layers which implement different services. Each layer works as a object container for other that require a service from that layer.

jLaBase Gears

This project defines a standar jLaBase object: the Gear. A gear is contained in the layer it corresponds and interacts with other gears requesting services to the layer container.