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jLaBase Development Projects


jLaBase Project is compounded of several projects. At this moment all work is being concentrated in the subprojects plannification. The specifications just now talk about two projects and two package bundles. The next sections talk about the approved specifications, if you're looking for more specific documentation take a look to the Wiki Site.

jLaBase Framework

The jLaBase Framework defines all the abstract layers needed by the different components of the applications. Application components don't connect to themselves directly, they query services to an abstract layer. The most typical layers are:

  • Database Layer
  • Model Layer
  • Object Relational Layer
  • User Inheritance Layer
  • Scheduler Layer
  • Other Layers

jLaBase Gears

jLaBase Gears is the engine system of the jLaBase Platform. Because the philosophy of jLaBase is "Split and Win!" the engine system is also splitted in different Gears. A Gear is a special kind of plugin that adds functionability to the system. A Gear contains objects that can be contained in different layers so they take use of the modularity of jLaBase Platform to communicate between themselves.